Why I Canceled My Planet Fitness Membership


So it’s Sunday afternoon and Emily and I walk into Planet Fitness for our workout only to find this sign stationed outside the ladies changing area. This was all it to took to cancel my membership. But, there was an issue. The employees working didn’t have clearance to cancel our memberships and only a manger could, but, they weren’t present. So, who gave clearance to place this sign here? This sign represents all the perversion allowed within our society. No man should ever be able to walk in on women changing. PERIOD. Planet Fitness was once a great place to workout and invest into but this shows they have dropped the ball on protecting woman from perverts alike and have let it be known they don’t mind men walking in on naked women regardless repercussions. So, this is why we canceled out Planet Fitness memberships. We’ll update you soon on where we’ll be working out next.

New Crystals For Cleanse Logo & Series

logo complete. 1png

Namaste, as of late we’ve been diligently working to figure how best to move forward with our newest brand; Crystals For Cleanse. If you haven’t seen the series yet you can watch below to learn the special properties crystals wield. To show our commitment, we’ve redesigned the logo to reflect a more crystalline structure, pun intended. Thank you for your time and love Crystal Defenders, together, we can show the world how necessary crystals are to have in your life for peace and serenity. Also, if you loved our old design you can still see it in all of our videos till now.